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Pre-wedding tester (Makeup Trial)

Your hair and make-up trial is an essential part of your wedding preparations. We work together with you to make sure we get it right for you for your big day. If you have any images from magazines or ideas of the look you wish to achieve, we can discuss this in more detail.

Trials normally take about 2 hours and I will do my best to arrange this to suit you at your home or venue or at my premises in Birmingham and will include:

  • A completed face-chart to understand your skin type, any skin conditions or allergies to certain products.
  • We will discuss different makeup looks and brands to suit your face shape.
  • Hairstyles & jewellery setting.
  • Wedding dress and colours.

Once we have agreed all the details, I will than apply the make-up and complete the hair style. The trial is to make sure you are happy with your look and if there is anything in particular you are not sure about and don’t like, this is your opportunity to say so we can make the relevant adjustments and to make sure we achieve the look to your satisfaction and you are 100% happy.

Preparations Before:

  • Hair needs to be washed and blow dried the night before.
  • Please prep your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising prior to my visit.
  • I will need a big mirror ready to help my style your hair.
  • Please ensure there is good lighting as this makes a big difference.


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